The Village Affair

I previously posted that The Village Affair would be available on Kindle Vella. I have posted 17 episodes (chapters) to the story on the Amazon platform but am extremely disappointed with the ability to market and find visibility for readers.

If you have never heard of Kindle Vella, is a platform where authors can serialize their stories by releasing episodes as often as they want. Readers purchase “tokens” to read the next episode. After starting the program, I noticed that searching and visibility was terrible. The Village Affair was buried in the Historical Fiction area. When I joined communities of Kindle Vella authors, many of them complained of low reads and marketing difficulty.

After considering the poor results, I have asked that the story be unpublished. However, it will be up until February 28, 2023, because it takes 60 days to be removed by Amazon. Should you wish to read the seventeen episodes posted, you can read the first three chapters for FREE, but the remainder will cost tokens. At seventeen episodes, the story is half published on the platform.

My plan now is to release The Village Affair in book form, targeting June 1, 2023, as the release date.

If you have read The Seaside Affair, you know that Celia is traveling to Dunwich with her half sibling Francis. I hope you find it interesting as their relationship develops and the two of them are tempted in a few romantic situations as they seek to find their mates in life.