Men in Uniform – World War I (Lady Grace Research)

I really wanted to put a man in uniform on the cover of Lady Grace. Days – I spent days hunting pictures on stock photo websites. Only a few decent ones came up after searching World War One soldiers, most of which could not be used because they were editorial. (In case you don’t know what that means, they cannot be used for commercial purposes like book covers because there is no model release. For example, taking photos of men in uniform during a public re-enactment exercise.) However, I did find one I really wanted but they wanted $300 for usage rights. (Gasp for a tiny image in the background behind Grace.)

After giving up there, I went to the public domain and did find a few that I downloaded. In fact, I had been ready to put the face of one particular gent on the cover and a horrible pang of guilt sliced through my heart. I had no idea who the man was or whether he survived the Great War. After going through a guilt trip of using another person’s image, who had no say in the matter because he was long dead, I came to the conclusion – no photos of soldiers on the cover.

That doesn’t mean, however, that I cannot share them in this blog post of dashing British officers that served in the war. A few of these soldiers are breathtakingly handsome. Since Grace is married to a man in his forties, I thought the man in the center with the mustache and his hands behind his back would be a perfect representation of the middle-aged gent she wed.

Here they are – most with mustaches but a couple of clean-shaven British males, circa 1914-1918.

No Known Copyright – Officers of the 39th Garhwalis [Estaires La Bassée Road, France]. Photographer: H. D. Girdwood. Reference: Photo 24/(241) From the Girdwood Collection held by the British Library. This image is part of the Europeana Collections 1914-1918

No Known Copyright –Group of officers 2/3rd Gurkhas at their headquarters in a French farmhouse [Le Sart]. Photographer: H. D. Girdwood. Reference: Photo 24/(90) From the Girdwood Collection held by the British Library. This image is part of the Europeana Collections 1914-1918
In closing, if you are looking for public domain photography or illustrations, visit Flickr. The British Library has posted over 1,000,000 items that are free for use. All you need to do is give the credit as I have done above. Here is the HOME PAGE.