Welcome to The Seaside Affair, my new novel. Set in a fictional location of Norbury Cove on the shore of southern England in 1840.

Twenty years after their mother left the resort, Elizabeth and Francis, close siblings, visit on holiday. The seaside town is filled with family drama, unrevealed secrets, and plots and plans of self-preservation. Money, lies, lust, and deceit are only a few of the vices hidden under the sands of time.

Will either of them find love in this sordid place of retreat? Find out in Summer 2020, but beforehand, follow my journey at The Seaside Affair Blog for information about the 1840s and upcoming story tidbits.

Updates:  May 2020 – Book in editing; June 2020 – Book off to Victory Editing for proofreading; July 15, 2020 – Targeted eBook Release; August 1, 2020 – Targeted Print Release