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Book Cover: The Village Affair
Part of the Venturous Hearts series:
Editions:Kindle Vella

Francis Edwards and Celia Wilson were unaware they were half-siblings until the shocking truth was revealed that an aristocrat had seduced their mother years ago. Upon learning the truth of her identity, Celia decides to move away from her coastal home and go to Dunwich with Francis, her newfound sibling. Each navigates the uncharted territory of family relationships while meeting possible love matches. The Village Affair continues The Seaside Affair novel - part of the Venturous Hearts Series.

Imprint: Red Brick Media

It Takes Courage to Follow Your Heart

England 1840s

The truth of one’s origin had a profound effect on Celia Wilson. Four and twenty years of her life, she believed herself to be the only daughter of Benjamin and Prudence Wilson, born in Aycliffe, a seaside resort on the southern coast of England. As parents, she could not have asked for lovelier people. They were kind and patient, giving her the instruction to navigate life as she matured into womanhood. She grew up in a comfortable home, had plenty to eat, and wore fashionable clothes. With a successful father and socially active mother, she lacked for nothing. An adequate education allowed her to converse intelligently, and she possessed the skill to play the piano to add to her accomplishments.

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Welcome to The Village Affair, a continuation of my first novel in the Venturous Hearts Series, The Seaside Affair.

Francis Edwards and Celia Wilson are very different half-siblings brought together by scandalous circumstances, having the same mother. In the first three episodes, you will discover the journey they are taking back to Dunwich, where Francis grew up. Celia has decided to leave her home in Aycliffe and the only parents she has ever known while she comes to terms with the truth of her illegitimacy.

As unmarried siblings, their journey together will be fraught with relationship challenges and possible love interests along the way. If you enjoy family sagas sprinkled with a bit of romance, then hopefully, this series will keep you entertained.

Episodes will be released every Monday and Thursday, ranging from 700 to 2,000 words.