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Part of the Venturous Hearts series:
  • The Seaside Affair (Book 1)
Editions:ePub: $ 3.99Kindle: $ 3.99Paperback: $ 12.99

Welcome to Aycliffe where family secrets are buried under the sands of time.

Over twenty years after their mother left the seaside resort of Aycliffe on the English coast, Elizabeth and Francis Edwards, visit on holiday. They are invited by long-time friends of their mother, who are saddened to hear of her death.

Upon arrival, the siblings soon discover that the sleepy seaside town is plagued by family drama and plots of self-preservation. Gossip, greed, deceit, and lust are the vices hidden under the sands of time. As Elizabeth and Francis unearth the truth about their mother’s life at the resort, a shocking revelation comes to the surface. In the end, lovers find the courage to embark on adventures, while others accept change and new lives. (Historical fiction, set in 1840, with romantic and family saga elements.)

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Imprint: Red Brick Media
Reviews:Readers Favorite wrote:

Vicki Hopkins's novel is a compelling story of unexpected and complex, hidden secrets. With a touch of romance, mystery, and intrigue, coupled with considerable family drama, the plot develops gradually. The Seaside Affair makes for an interesting read.

The second book in the series, The Village Affair, is being written and should be available by the end of 2023.