From the brothels of Paris in 1878 to the English aristocracy in 1908, follow the saga of one man and one woman who overcome their differences of class to find lasting love. Each character pays the price of innocence, deception, love, and passion until in the end, a broken family is healed from the tragedy of the past.

This is a boxed set of all individual books from The Legacy Series (The Price of Innocence, The Price of Deception, The Price of Love, and The Price of Passion). The series is classified as Family Sagas - Historical Fiction With Romantic Elements and Historical Romance

Imprint: Holland Legacy Publishing
Reviews:Amazon Reviewer wrote:

"I started with Book one and was hooked! If I thought book one was addictive, the Books two, three, and four were NOT a disappointment."

Kobo Reviewer wrote:

"Wonderfully captivating stories. Kept me interested through all the books."

Barnes & Noble Reviewer wrote:

"The characters are all amazing and intriguing. I couldn't put it down, it made me laugh and cry. Every heart felt word written was emotionally felt."

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