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Can a broken heart change a person? Can love heal the wounds of the past?

Jane Cavanagh possesses the most scandalous reputation in London. With an ample allowance from her father, she’s able to live a lifestyle of autonomy. She answers to no one regarding her choices in life. For entertainment, she engages in male companionship, enjoying multiple trysts without an ounce of guilt. After a few months with a man, she moves to the next, leaving scattered victims of broken hearts strewn across the social landscape. Her motto is no love, no babies, and no marriage.

When someone from her past returns into her life, Jane is sent into a tizzy of emotions she would rather not face. Jane encounters Colonel Matthew Rutland, a decorated war hero and widower. If it wasn’t for him, she might have turned out to be a different woman altogether. After a few painful interactions, it becomes obvious they both have unresolved matters of the heart. However, Jane isn’t keen on settling anything with the man who cruelly discarded her to pursue a military career.

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Lady Jane is an easy-flowing, enjoyable, fun read I'd recommend to anyone who loves a short and sweet romance.