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Rachel Hayward hoped to have a quiet thirtieth birthday alone. Instead, fate had different plans. Late for work, she takes her eyes off the road and rear-ends the car in front of her. The brief colliding encounter begins a relationship between two strangers who are struggling to overcome their past. As the romance deepens and intimacy results, their desires conflict. Ian is tenderhearted and respectful, but Rachel wants aggressiveness from a man. The clash of physical needs threatens to tear them apart. As a result, Rachel is faced with the decision to leave Ian or finally confront the painful secret of her childhood.

Imprint: Holland Legacy Publishing
Reviews:Readers Favorite wrote:

J.D. Burrows presents the facts in a beautiful love story that was impossible to put down.

Finalist - Fiction/Social Issues - Readers' Favorite 2017 Book Award Contest

Conflicting Hearts touches on a taboo subject but one that is very real to many women in today's society. Though this is a fictional work, that actually documents a factual event in another person's life, it has the power to open the eyes of readers to better understand those who have suffered sexual abuse as a child. Written with a sprinkle of humor, brutal reality, and sizzling romance, it is a book that some claim should be read by every woman.  For those who have been victims themselves, it gives hope that healing and healthy relationships are possible. (If you have been a victim of abuse, please be aware this story may trigger unpleasant emotions.)